mechanical device

mechanical device
mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
Hypernyms: ↑mechanism
broadcaster, ↑spreader, ↑bumper, ↑bumper guard, ↑carburetor, ↑carburettor, ↑compressor, ↑copyholder, ↑coupling, ↑coupler, ↑curler, ↑hair curler, ↑roller, ↑crimper, ↑diaphragm, ↑stop, ↑dicer, ↑electromechanical device, ↑escapement, ↑gearshift, ↑gearstick, ↑shifter, ↑gear lever, ↑grab, ↑hook, ↑claw, ↑machine, ↑simple machine, ↑pantograph, ↑piston, ↑plunger, ↑propeller, ↑propellor, ↑pump, ↑ratchet, ↑rachet, ↑ratch, ↑record changer, ↑auto-changer, ↑changer, ↑ride, ↑seeder, ↑shutter, ↑ski binding, ↑binding, ↑splicer, ↑splint, ↑sprinkler, ↑stator, ↑stator coil, ↑stoker, ↑stretcher, ↑striker, ↑supply chamber, ↑swing, ↑tone arm, ↑pickup, ↑pickup arm, ↑trap, ↑vibrator, ↑voting machine, ↑weathervane, ↑weather vane, ↑vane, ↑wind vane, ↑wheelwork, ↑winder, ↑key, ↑windshield wiper, ↑windscreen wiper, ↑wiper, ↑wiper blade

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